Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Obscurity of the Day: The Gee Whiz Brothers

Sometimes I'd swear cartoonists from the days of yore liked to play tricks directed at future historians. Case in point -- look at the two strips above and decide if they constitute a series or not.

The two episodes you see here constitute the entire 'run' of the Gee Whiz Brothers in the Chicago Daily News. The first, by George Frink, ran on August 29 1903. The second, by someone who drew a flower in a flowerpot as their signature, ran three weeks later, on September 17.

So we have just two episodes featuring the same characters, run the better part of a month apart, and by two different creators, one of which obviously prefers anonymity.

Is it a series? When compiling the Chicago Daily News information for Stripper's Guide, I, perhaps a little grumpily, decided it didn't merit listing. What do you think?


I think not a series. This has the look of someone at the Chicago Daily News having an idea, asking Frink and someone else draw it up as a sample, everyone agreeing it was not worth pursuing, but then later using the samples to plug some holes. More like a pilot for a series.
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