Thursday, October 17, 2013


Obscurity of the Day: Seeing the Stars in Hollywood

Here's one of those strips that straddles the worlds of movie star idolatry and comics. Don Wootton provided the delightful art to Seeing the Stars in Hollywood, while Hollywood columnist Dan Thomas offered up breathless bios of the silver screen luminaries.

This was an NEA feature that seems to have debuted around April 1929, and lasted until at least February 1930 (can anyone pin those dates down any better?). The weekly feature either didn't appear in OSU's NEA archives or I somehow missed it, and I've been trying to nail down the running dates ever since.

Not that anyone's necessarily keeping track, but if you are you may be wondering why this feature qualifies for listing in my book. Normally I don't include features that use a lot of typeset text, and this one certainly has that in abundance. Well, the reason is that the strip portion of the feature can stand by itself without the textblock, and some papers did in fact dump Mr. Thomas's prose and just run Don Wootton's strip.

Thanks very much to Cole Johnson for the samples!


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