Sunday, May 03, 2015


Jim Ivey's 90th Birthday Party

Jim still knows the way to a lady's heart. Here he offers one of his harem 
a puff on one of his birthday gifts, a rare Cohiba (Castro's favorite cigar). 

*Hack* *Hack*  Thank you Jim, you Romeo you!

(Co-starring Lois Wilson as Harem Girl #1)

Allan: Hey Jim, watch the birdie!
Jim: Birdie hell, there's a chocolate cake in front of me!

(Co-starring Medea Holtz as My Sweet Patootie)

Hey, hey! Hands off. This cake is all mine. Treat me nice and 
I just might allow you to have one of these flowers. Which present did you bring?

(Co-starring Denton Cairns' Stomach as The One Eyed Cake Detection Device)


Thanks for sharing!


Craig Zablo
Happy 90th! You're almost as old a skeexiz.
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