Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Magazine Cover Comics: Petty-June Does Europe

Here's another delightful American Weekly cover series by Fish, who went a little overboard this time signing her work if you ask me -- talk about a school of FISH! This story of a dim-bulb flapper who wins a trip to Europe in an "It" contest gives the brilliant creator much fodder for her satire mill.

Sadly I cannot provide definitive dates for this series*. I think it probably began on July 28 1928; my earliest page you see above, in which she seems to be just starting on her voyage on August 4th, would seem to bear out that start date. The latest page I've seen is dated October 20 1928. The series definitely ended before December 1928, as another series was running that month.

* since this post appeared I have determined that the series ran August 4 to November 3 1929


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