Monday, August 31, 2015


Obscurity of the Day: Bertie the Lamb

Here's a daily strip that only lasted a month, and a short month at that, back in 1910. Bertie the Lamb, about a poor sap who is constantly taken in by sharpies of various sorts, was penned by C.H. Wellington as sort of a 'flavor of the month' in the New York Evening Journal. The strip began on the first day of February and ended on the last. This sample is actually taken from an appearance in a rare July 1910 issue of American Weekly, which ran a few strips on its back cover in those early days. I presume they were all reprints getting a second run.


Interesting.. "Bertie the Lamb" was the name of Buster Keaton's hapless dupe in his first feature, "The Saphead" (1920), based on the Broadway play that starred Douglas Fairbanks in the role. A common slang nickname for easy marks, perhaps?
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