Monday, March 14, 2016


Obscurity of the Day: Churchill: A Man and an Era

For those of us too pressed for time to read Sir Winston Churchill's 3-volume autobiography, NEA offered us the next best thing -- a 17-strip summary of his life, titled Churchill: A Man and an Era.

NEA published quite a few of these closed-end strips, most of which covered biographical, historic and scientific subjects, and a heck of a lot of them were drawn by NEA regular Ralph Lane, who seemed to specialize in this sort of thing after his stint as the first artist on the comic strip Vic Flint. Ward Cannel, who wrote this series, was at various times a correspondent, political columnist and entertainment columnist for NEA. As far as I know he did not write any more of these infotainment strips for the syndicate.

Churchill: A Man and an Era was originally issued in 1954, to run from May 3 - 21. However, newspapers were free to run it when they wanted, and you can find it running later in various papers. It was officially reissued to run starting November 29 1961, this time with an 18th episode added to bring the strip up to date. It was again reissued, with one new panel added to that 18th strip, when ChuRchill died in January 1965.


Maybe a follow-up on Lane's son taking up
the mantle as artist of NEA closed-end strips?
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