Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Magazine Cover Comics: Sunday Follies

Leonard T. Holton only contributed a few Hearst magazine cover series, and Sunday Follies was his last that I know of. The series was a loose conglomeration of wordy gags about people's activities on the Day of Rest. Of course, Holton's delicious deco-inspired art makes any gag seem palatable.

Sunday Follies was syndicated by Hearst's Newspaper Feature Service and ran from January 26 to April 13 1930.


Through your postings I've come to know several artists who worked in similar "Deco-inspired" styles. I'd include cartoonists like Gluyas Williams and Gardner Rea in this group. Their work has interesting similarities to the French "ligne claire" cartoonists of the same period. I wonder if there were cross-influences at work, and in which direction they flowed.
Hi Smurfswacker --
That's a great question, but my guess is behind door #3. I'd say rather that the Art Deco movement was an outside influence that inspired many cartoonists in Europe and here to reflect its sensibilities in their art. My guess is that cartoonists may not have necessarily looked to each other for inspiration as to the greater art world about them.

Clear line artists certainly pre-date Art Deco, so it may just be that it was that style that lended itself most to the Art Deco influence.

These are just opinions off the top of my head, and I'm certainly open to other more thoughtful interpretations.

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