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The Hearst Sunday Newspaper Magazine Cover Indexes Part 4: The 1930s 'Continuing Series' Series Divergent Version of 1935 and On

A new week has begun and we'll continue on our quest to index Hearst magazine cover series.

I sure wish I had some way to title these series so that I could talk with some clarity about them. But I'm not even sure of what I'm doing, much less how to identify which is which. So, rather than trying to come up with some cockamamie name, I'm going to tell you that the series we're going to trace today is one that diverged from the series we talked about last week in 1935. Why this happened I couldn't even begin to guess.

What I can say is that this series tends to concentrate on pin-ups created by many very big name artists. I'm talking Petty, Barclay, Christy, La Gatta, Armstrong, etc.

This divergent series was found in  the El Paso Times.

Perhaps the most interesting discovery for comic strip fans is that Alex Raymod contributed three superb covers (above). I have none in tearsheet form, so the best I can offer are images from the microfilm.

9/15/35Back to Horse and Buggy DaysGeorge ShellhaseKFS
9/22/35Got Room For Two?John Newton HowittKFS
9/29/35Come Over the Meadows With Me and PlayAlan FosterKFS
10/6/35Woof! Who Said QuintupletsJ. Clinton ShepherdKFS
10/13/35The Resemblance is UncannyJanice WathenKFS
10/20/35My Favorite ModelGeorge PettyKFS
10/27/35The Bewitcher BewitchedJohn Newton HowittKFS
11/3/35Splash Me, Would You?J.W. WelchKFS
11/10/35The Unknown Soldier and the Forgotten OnesWallace MorganKFS
11/17/35Flaming Jean Harlow - And They Call Her "Kittens"J. CannertKFS
11/24/35Forward, PassTy MahonKFS
12/1/35It Must Have Been That EarthquakePaul WebbKFS
12/8/35The Back Seat DriverAlex RaymondKFS
12/15/35Dream Prince of the ScreenGeorge F. KerrKFS
12/22/35A Christmas CarolAlex RaymondKFS
12/29/35With My Compliments -- "Pop" TimeAlex RaymondKFS
1/5/36Armed For The CombatHoward Chandler ChristyKFS
1/12/36Waiting For That Dinner DateHoward Chandler ChristyKFS
1/19/36Merely A Matter Of Form (verses by Berton Braley)John J. Floherty Jr.KFS
1/26/36Lady of the DialogueHoward Chandler ChristyKFS
2/2/36Off DutyFloyd R. MunsonKFS
2/9/36St. Valentine's DaySignature illegibleKFS
2/16/36Debutante 1936Howard Chandler ChristyKFS
2/23/36Florida FairJohn LagattaKFS
3/1/36Kitty Rides The Waves (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.KFS
3/8/36Check and Double Check (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.KFS
3/15/36Studio QueenMcClelland BarclayKFS
3/22/36Positively! (verses by Berton Braley)Gwen TuckerKFS
3/29/36Blonde Betty of Beverly HillsMcClelland BarclayKFS
4/5/36Wedded To Her Job (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.KFS
4/12/36Easter LilyMajor FeltenKFS
4/19/36Untitled (mother holding child)Maud Tousey FangelKFS
4/26/36AnticipationRodney de SarroKFS
5/3/36Untitled (woman in dueling garb)George PettyKFS
5/10/36Untitled (woman and flowering tree)Corinne MalvernKFS
5/17/36Aw, Pal, Have a HeartJohn Newton HowittKFS
5/24/36Jean ChatburnMcClelland BarclayKFS
5/31/36Poppies for RemembranceWallace MorganKFS
6/7/36Play Girl (verses by Berton Braley)John Alan MaxwellKFS
6/14/36Swing High, Lovely BrideGeorge PettyKFS
6/21/36Son Dodgers 1936McClelland BarclayKFS
6/28/36Maybe He's a Mutt, But He's MineMaud Tousey FangelKFS
7/5/36My Country Tis Of TheeNell BrinkleyKFS
7/12/36Night Club Nellie (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.KFS
7/19/36Draw To A Pair (verses by Berton Braley)McClelland BarclayKFS
7/26/36Untitled (blonde and bruette women)Nell BrinkleyKFS
8/2/36Sweet and CoolMcClelland BarclayKFS
8/16/36Never-Never Land (verses by Berton Braley)Bud BriggsKFS
8/23/36Prairie FlowersNell BrinkleyKFS
8/30/36Vacation DreamsMcClelland BarclayKFS
9/6/36The New Old-Fashioned GirlDean CornwellKFS
9/13/36Title illegibleMcClelland BarclayKFS
9/20/36Gridiron GloriesGeorge PettyKFS
9/27/36The Six Ages of a GirlJohn Held Jr.KFS
10/4/36The Bachelor Girl and the BoresVincenteKFS
10/11/36Dillinger Speaks by G. Russell Girardin (story illo)Earl CordreyKFS
10/18/36Perfect BacksMcClelland BarclayKFS
10/25/36Woman - The Same Eternal QuestionCorinne Malvern (w/Charles Dana Gibson)KFS
11/1/36Away With Your Pride, LassieBarton ClayKFS
11/8/36And Just Where Did This Little Pig Come From?Earl CordreyKFS
11/15/36The DecisionEarl CordreyKFS
11/22/36Know All Men (verses by Berton Braley)McClelland BarclayKFS
11/29/36A Single?VincentiniKFS
12/6/36Portrait of a Lovely WomanChristopher RuleKFS
12/13/36Hold EverythingEarl CordreyKFS
12/20/36Christ at FiveC. Bosseron ChambersKFS
12/27/36To 1937George PettyKFS
1/3/37Right Man WantedMcClelland BarclayKFS
1/10/37Untitled skiing womanArthur CrouchKFS
1/17/37Trouble AheadD.B. HolcombKFS
1/24/37On Sands of GoldMcClelland BarclayKFS
1/31/37Touch and GoFrank ReeserKFS
2/7/37Happy LandingMcClelland BarclayKFS
2/14/37Heart to Believe (verses by Berton Braley)Arthur CrouchKFS
2/21/37It's a Nice Trip (verses by Berton Braley)Arthur CrouchKFS
2/28/37Preview of SpringMcClelland BarclayKFS
3/7/37Skyline Dream Idolssignature illegibleKFS
3/14/37Over The CocktailsJohn La GattaKFS
3/21/37Spring Is HereRolf ArmstrongKFS
3/28/37Peace - A Woman's Prayer For EasterMajor FeltenKFS
4/4/37photo coverKFS
4/11/37photo coverKFS
4/18/37photo coverKFS
4/25/37photo coverKFS
5/2/37RivalsJoseph LopkerKFS
5/9/37Gentlemen, the Empress of Hearts (verses by Berton Braley)George PettyKFS
5/16/37Do You Like It?McClelland BarclayKFS
5/23/37photo coverKFS
5/30/37Here Comes The BrideMcClelland BarclayKFS
6/6/37The Love LectureCarl MuellerKFS
6/13/37photo coverKFS
6/20/37A Candid 50-50John J. Floherty Jr.KFS
6/27/37Untitled woman caught in rain at beachArthur CrouchKFS
7/4/37In CongressJoan RogersKFS
7/11/37Untitled woman on blow-up float toy in waterArthur CrouchKFS
7/18/37Back Seat DriverSki WeldKFS
7/25/37Cup Defender, 1937Ski WeldKFS
8/1/37Honeymoon EclipseCarl MuellerKFS
8/8/37A New Design For FishesJohn J. Floherty Jr.KFS
8/15/37Lucky Dog (photographed sculpture)Alan FosterKFS
8/22/37photo coverKFS
8/29/37Putting On The DogSki WeldKFS
9/5/37Had A Wonderful TimeHoward ButlerKFS
9/12/37The Knit-WitEarl Oliver HurstKFS
9/19/37Wrong NumberScott EvansKFS
9/26/37Rating The Dream MenHoward ButlerKFS
10/3/37Untitled woman watching greyhound raceArthur CrouchKFS
10/10/37Untitled football playerHoward ButlerKFS
10/17/37The Brave And The FairEarl Oliver HurstKFS
10/24/37When You're In LoveEric GodalKFS
10/31/37She Missed Her ManHoward ButlerKFS
11/7/37First DownHoward ButlerKFS
11/14/37Hold That LineScott EvansKFS
11/21/37Pilgrim Penelope and the TurkeyArthur CrouchKFS
11/28/37Seeing DoubleScott EvansKFS
12/5/37Modern DianaScott EvansKFS
12/12/37Betty Can't DecideScott EvansKFS
12/19/37Every WomanHoward ButlerKFS
12/26/37Under The MistletoeDan OsherKFS

I gave up writing this index at the end of 1937, as I didn't see any series developing. Looking ahead, this cover series went on into the 1940s, looking pretty much like they stuck to their guns of featuring mostly pin-up covers.There are lots of great covers, just not really in my research focus. If anyone has the time and inclination to continue this index, I'll be very happy to publish it.


Brilliant job Allan. Two of those Raymond's covers appear in crystal clear colour (without mastheads etc) in Tom Roberts' biography of the man (pp99-101)
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