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The Hearst Sunday Newspaper Magazine Cover Indexes Part 3: The 1930s 'Continuing Series' Series, Continued

By 1935, this series that was so dynamic in  the early 1930s was getting a little less exciting. However, what they now lacked in interesting series, they more than made up for with first rate cover artists.

A quick note that I noticed in another paper that the Penrhyn Stanlaws cover series of 1935 was headlined "Girlologies" -- the Inquirer elected to drop that title. Can't say I blame them ...

1/6/35Glamorous GirlsMcClelland BarclayKing Features Syndicate
1/13/35Lucky LadyJohn Held Jr.King Features Syndicate
1/20/35Lucky LadyJohn Held Jr.King Features Syndicate
1/27/35Glamorous GirlsMcClelland BarclayKing Features Syndicate
2/3/35Glamorous GirlsMcClelland BarclayKing Features Syndicate
2/10/35Glamorous GirlsMcClelland BarclayKing Features Syndicate
2/17/35Glamorous GirlsMcClelland BarclayKing Features Syndicate
2/24/35Glamorous GirlsMcClelland BarclayKing Features Syndicate
3/3/35Lovingly Yours, ArlineJack CallahanKing Features Syndicate
3/10/35Glamorous GirlsMcCelland BarclayKing Features Syndicate
3/17/35Glamorous GirlsMcCelland BarclayKing Features Syndicate
3/24/35Glamorous GirlsMcCelland BarclayKing Features Syndicate
3/31/35The Party GirlPenrhyn StanlawsKing Features Syndicate
4/7/35The ModelPenrhyn StanlawsKing Features Syndicate
4/14/35The Swimming GirlPenrhyn StanlawsKing Features Syndicate
4/21/35Easter Vis-a-VisHenry RaleighKing Features Syndicate
4/28/35The HikerPenrhyn StanlawsKing Features Syndicate
5/5/35Spring ReverieRoy BestKing Features Syndicate
5/12/35Au RevoirCharles LaSalleKing Features Syndicate
5/19/35How Do I Look?Raeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
5/26/35Souls of FlowersRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
6/2/35Sea-Side VisionEarl ChristyKing Features Syndicate
6/9/35Hoyden, AhoyRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
6/16/35Two Weeks With ...Raeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
6/23/35Bride o' JuneRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
6/30/35Oh, Say Can You See?Raeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
7/7/35Midsummer Day's DreamRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
7/14/35Right On DeckRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
7/21/35All in a DayRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
7/28/35Lady of the LineRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
8/4/35Hot House or Garden?Raeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
8/11/35UpsadaisyRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
8/18/35On GuardRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
8/25/35So Long, SummerRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
9/1/35Mighty MomentRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
9/8/35Dance ModerneRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
9/15/35Want No BooksRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
9/22/35Last of the LeavesRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
9/29/35Hollywoodn't (text by Jack Lait)Virginia HugetKing Features Syndicate
10/6/35Hollywoodn't (text by Jack Lait)Virginia HugetKing Features Syndicate
10/13/35Hollywoodn't (text by Jack Lait)Virginia HugetKing Features Syndicate
10/20/35Hollywoodn't (text by Jack Lait)Virginia HugetKing Features Syndicate
10/27/35Grid-WidPaul FrehmKing Features Syndicate
11/3/35Snap To ItRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
11/10/35Winter CampaignRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
11/17/35AdagioRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
11/24/35She's The howRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
12/1/35Beauty and the BeausPaul FrehmKing Features Syndicate
12/8/35Beauty and the BeausPaul FrehmKing Features Syndicate
12/15/35Beauty and the BeausPaul FrehmKing Features Syndicate
12/22/35Beauty and the BeausPaul FrehmKing Features Syndicate
12/29/35Beauty and the BeausPaul FrehmKing Features Syndicate
1/5/36Setting Up ExercisesRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
1/12/36Go South, Young ManRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
1/19/36Monday's ChildVirginia HugetKing Features Syndicate
1/26/36Tuesday's ChildVirginia HugetKing Features Syndicate
2/2/36Wednesday's ChildVirginia HugetKing Features Syndicate
2/9/36Thursday's ChildVirginia HugetKing Features Syndicate
2/16/36Friday's ChildVirginia HugetKing Features Syndicate
2/23/36Saturday's ChildVirginia HugetKing Features Syndicate
3/1/36Sunday's ChildVirginia HugetKing Features Syndicate
3/8/36He's GoneRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
3/15/36Last Week-endRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
3/22/36Party LineRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
3/29/36Indoor GypsyRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
4/5/36Fan-dangoRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
4/12/36April ShowersRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
4/19/36Hike-Ho EverybodyCharles LaSalleKing Features Syndicate
4/26/36Swing MusicCharles LaSalleKing Features Syndicate
5/3/36White RussianRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
5/10/36A Study in BalanceCharles LaSalleKing Features Syndicate
5/17/36The Lady of the Lake - She's Drifting -- So's HeCharles LaSalleKing Features Syndicate
5/24/36The Girl on the Yacht - Starboard TackRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
5/31/36The Girl In The Garden -- They Toil Not ...Raeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
6/7/36The Girl on the Bike -- Coasting On HighCharles LaSalleKing Features Syndicate
6/14/36The Surf-Board Rider -- Buoyant BelleCharles LaSalleKing Features Syndicate
6/21/36Dude Ranch Girl -- Ride 'Im CowboyRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
6/28/36The Perfume Girl -- Sweets to the SweetRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
7/5/36The Sun-Tan Girl -- Good MedicineCharles LaSalleKing Features Syndicate
7/12/36The Love-Letter Girl -- The Big QuestionRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
7/19/36The Love-Set Girl -- Fair RacqueteerCharles LaSalleKing Features Syndicate
7/26/36The Girl with Sand in Her Shoe -- Sandy CinderellaRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
8/2/36Plow-Time Girl -- The Farmer and the BelleCharles LaSalleKing Features Syndicate
8/9/36The Lady or the PorcupineJohn HolmgrenKing Features Syndicate
8/16/36Two In The WoodsCharles LaSalleKing Features Syndicate
8/23/36The Grapevine Girl -- A Vineyard VisionRaeburn Van BeurenKing Features Syndicate
8/30/36Water Babies -- Goodbye SummerNell BrinkleyKing Features Syndicate
9/6/36Dizzy Dolly Ditties (verses by Hudson Hawley)Virginia HugetKing Features Syndicate
9/13/36Margy's Mascots (verses by Hudson Hawley)John Held Jr.King Features Syndicate
9/20/36Dizzy Dolly Ditties (verses by Hudson Hawley)Virginia HugetKing Features Syndicate
9/27/36Margy Arouses Cheers (verses by Hudson Hawley)John Held Jr.King Features Syndicate
10/4/36What's a Girl To Do (verses by Hudson Hawley)Virginia HugetKing Features Syndicate
10/11/36Margy's A-Musing (verses by Hudson Hawley)John Held Jr.King Features Syndicate
10/18/36The Lens-Mad Maid (verses by Hudson Hawley)Virginia HugetKing Features Syndicate
10/25/36Margy's MuttsJohn Held Jr.King Features Syndicate
11/1/36Football Heroine (verses by Hudson Hawley)Virginia HugetKing Features Syndicate
11/8/36Margy's A-Flutter (verses by Hudson Hawley)John Held Jr.King Features Syndicate

The Philadelphia Inquirer at this point started making their own magazine covers in-house. Can't say as I blame them, because this cover series was about to go way downhill. A new series titled America on Parade, which was a real yawner, was about to begin. I was able to switch from the Inquirer to the Minneapolis Tribune to continue this index, but not for long:

11/15/36Dizzy Dolly DittiesVirginia HugetKFS
11/22/36A Thanksgiving Miss [Margy] (verses by Hudson Hawley)John Held Jr.KFS
11/29/36Dizzy Dolly DittiesVirginia HugetKFS
12/6/36Margy Goes Modern (verses by Hudson Hawley)John Held Jr.KFS
12/13/36Dizzy Dolly DittiesVirginia HugetKFS
12/20/36First ChristmasNell BrinkleyKFS
12/27/36All Dated Up [Margy]John Held Jr.KFS
1/3/37America on Parade (text by Leonard Hall)Oscar W. HowardKFS
1/10/37America On Parade - The King Who Is Queen (uncredited text)Paul FrehmKFS
1/17/37America On Parade - Where Two Worlds Meet (uncredited text)Oscar W. HowardKFS
1/24/37America On Parade - The Big Town Criers (text by Leonard Hall)Oscar W. HowardKFS
1/31/37America On Parade - New York's Biggest Free Show (text uncredited)Frank ResserKFS
2/7/37America On parade - Going Down to Sea (text by Leonard Hall)Raeburn Van BeurenKFS
2/14/37America On Parade - Met at the Met (uncredited text)Wallace MorganKFS
2/21/37America On Parade - Yangski Doodle Do (uncredited text)John HolmgrenKFS
2/28/37America On Parade - Greenwich Village is Green Again (text by Leonard Hall)Oscar W. HowardKFS
3/7/37America On Parade - New Art For OldvariousKFS
3/14/37America On Parade - Off On The Trailer Trails (text by Leonard Hall)Oscar W. HowardKFS
3/21/37The Sun Shines Bright Again in the Old Kentucky HomeDorothea CookeKFS
3/28/37America On Easter Parade (text by Hudson Hawley)John Held Jr.KFS
4/4/37America On Parade - Illustrating The Illustrators (text by Leonard Hall)John HolmgrenKFS
4/11/37America On Parade - Dog Days (uncredited text)Oscar W. HowardKFS
4/18/37America On Parade - America On Taptoe (test by Leonard Hall)Johan BullKFS
4/25/37America On Parade - Selecting Our Greatest Heroine (uncredited text)Nell BrinkleyKFS
5/2/37America On Parade - Coronation in the Sport of Kings (text by Frank G. Menke)Wesley DennisKFS

At this point the Minneapolis Tribune said the heck with Hearst, and started instead running the World Museum Diorama pages offered by Esquire Features. This Hearst cover series may have continued, but I frankly couldn't bring myself to search for it very hard.

Next time we'll look at a series that diverged from this one in September 1935.


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