Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Obscurity of the Day: Movie Mat

V. F. Macom had two series published in the Philadelphia North American Sunday comics section in the period 1913-15. The first was Has This Ever Happened To You?, which we covered here back in 2010. It was derivative, not well-drawn and utterly forgettable.

Macom's second and final series showed his growth as an artist. His cartoons were now much more self-assured, if still a long way from masterpiece status. The subject of the new strip was a more original concept in which a fellow gets inspiration to do foolish things after seeing them in the movies. Though the strip is repetitive, Macom put in a good effort to make each episode worth perusing. Apparently, though, he was not proud of his work on Movie Mat as he never once signed it during its over a half-year run, December 6 1914 to July 4 1915.

When the North American ended their home-grown comics section they sold a lot of their stock to World Color Printing. Movie Mat thereby made a curtain call, reprinted in the 1919-20 World Color Printing sections.

Thanks to Cole Johnson for the scan.


4 July 1915 was the final day of the North American Company's syndicate, a week after their hometown rival, The Philadelphia Press, ended their's.
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