Friday, July 02, 2021


Obscurity of the Day: Adventures of the Silly Gallillies in Movie Land


On December 20 1914, the Chicago Tribune's Sunday movie page added a new feature, a comc strip by Quin Hall called Adventures of the Silly Gallillies in Movie Land. The plot was about two teenage girls who are both in love with movie heartthrob Jack Coran. Their weekly adventures consist of them trying to meet and ensnare the poor unsuspecting actor. 

After over a year in the pursuit, the girls finally succeed -- Nora (the blonde) turns out to be rich, and she uses her bankroll to legally adopt the clueless deamboat; Coran is willingly enslaved when he finds out that she will open a movie studio just for him, where he can play any part he pleases. The hunt having come to a close, the strip ended on February 13 1916, the day before Valentine's Day, of course.


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