Monday, October 25, 2021


Obscurity of the Day: City Woman's Home Companion


Looking for all the world like a feature you'd find in an alt-weekly paper, Libby Reid's City Woman's Home Companion actually had a regular weekly spot in the New York Daily News Sunday magazine from October 23 1988 to July 15 1990.  The strip dealt with the trials and tribulations of modern women with good humour and a surprising amount of candor for a mainstream newspaper.

In 1993 Reid returned to the Daily News with a new feature, Dr. Trudy True, Cartoon Therapist, which covered similar ground, but it seems to have only run every two weeks (though Reid's online bio claims weekly publication). 

Reid's New York Daily News cartoons, along with other material, was reprinted in You Don't Have to Pet to be Popular (Penguin 1989).


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