Monday, November 28, 2022


Selling It: Foxy Grandpa for Tuxedo Tobacco


In the April 28 1912 edition of Hearst's American Weekly the back cover was given over to a full page ad from Tuxedo Tobacco. Someone at that tobacco company must have been a big cartooning fan, because cartooning and cartoonists were frequent subject matter for their ads. This early one repurposes a Foxy Grandpa strip that has nothing to do with tobacco. Given how much a full page 4-color ad in a magazine section that ran in every Hearst paper must have cost, it's surprising that the Tuxedo advertising department didn't put some effort into finding a strip that had some connection to their product, or tobacco in general.

The masthead with Foxy & co. in the goat cart-I don't remember such a device in a Hearst Strip- it looks like something used in one of those big books they made showing a half a stip on each page.
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