Wednesday, January 04, 2023


Can You Identify the Mystery Cartoonist?


The Stripper must be getting old and addle-pated, because I feel like I should know who this is. This sports cartoon ran in the February 6 1928 edition of the Atlanta Georgian, a paper that I just clipped up for its cartooning content. As I was clipping this cartoon out, I was just assuming it would be by Feg Murray. But then I looked at the scrawl of a signature, and that sig sure isn't his. 

The style seems sort of familiar, in a generic sorta way, and this was no minor local cartoonist since he was syndicated by King Features, but my neurons refuse to fire properly. Help!


It reminds me of Quinn Hall.
What do we make of this 1938 swipe, seen here? A possible lead?
Mark -- If there were no sig I could easily be convinced this is Quin Hall. But Quin had a consistent sig he used, so ... ?

Paul -- If Sords swiped it, he could have saved us a lot of trouble and added an "apologies to" line.

There is a signature. Just under 'th new champ' looks like a Q to me. DanB
Looks like Will Gould to me.

Will Gould is another good guess based on him being a sports guy for Hearst at this time. But he also had a very identifiable signature (block letters enclosed in a box on box arrangement), and the sig on this cartoon is nothing like that.

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