Monday, December 04, 2023


Obscurity of the Day: A New Worry Every Day


Carl "Mort" Mortison (1910-1963) was reportedly a cartoonist-in-residence at the Waterbury Republican-American for over forty years. In addition to editorial cartoons, he penned a humor panel called A New Worry Every Day. Unfortunately beyond that my crystal ball gets decidedly blurry. 

The panel is mentioned in Mortison's obituary, so I assume it ran for a long time, but my only samples are from 1940. Based on the very flimsy evidence I have in my files, I think it might have been a replacement for a cartoon quiz feature Mortison did titled Lester G.'s Kartoon Kwizz, for which I have examples earlier that same year. 

Does anyone have access to online archives or the microfilm of this Waterbury paper to fill us in on Mortison's feature, or features?


Some interesting stuff here: apparently, there was an auction of Mortison artwork earlier this year, but the items didn't sell.
There's also a current auction on eBay that appears to show a "New Worry Every Day" panel from some time in the mid to late 1950s.
Great catch there; yes, I would agree that's gotta be 50s. We'll call it strong circumstantial proof that the panel ran a very long time in Waterbury.
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