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Obscurity of the Day: The Education of Master Tommy Pip


During Ed Carey's years with the McClure Syndicate his bread-and-butter feature was Simon Simple, but he was also doing various fillers. One of the least distinguished of those was The Education of Master Tommy Pip, a rip-off so thorough of Buster Brown that the kid even writes a long-winded 'resolution' in the final panel of each strip. 

The Education of Master Tommy Pip appeared occasionally in the Otis F. Wood copyrighted version of the McClure Sunday sections from December 17 1905 to June 25 1906*. A few episodes were also reprinted in 1912 McClure sections**. 

* Source: San Francisco Chronicle

** Source: Battle Creek Moon-Journal


Possibly a double ripoff, also appropriating the title of Charles Dana Gibson's "The Education of Mister Pipp".

It's a series of captioned drawings, circa 1899, following wealthy Mr. Pipp on a European tour. He's not a mischief maker but a small old man, mostly reacting to events and bowing to the will of his formidable wife and his pretty daughters. "Education" is supposedly the justification for the trip, but it's mostly sightseeing and society.

The series is reproduced in at least two collections of Gibson drawings. Perhaps it was out in book form so the title would still be familiar.
Great catch DBenson, thanks for pointing that out.
For anyone curious, I recently scanned and posted the full book, The Education of Mr. Papp by Gibson at my site. Feel free to peruse or download.

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