Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Obscurity of the Day: Spellbound

With a name like Spellbound, you'd figure this strip must be about a witch or something. Nope. It's about romance. The heart in the logo is your tip-off. I only have a few samples of this one so I'm not even sure if our star couples were married or just dating.

Brian Barling produced this short-lived Sunday and daily strip for King Features in 1991-92. I don't have exact start and end dates for it though (anyone?). These days Barling is an editorial cartoonist for the Christian Science Monitor and also produces cartoons about wargaming.


Hello, Allan----My brother tells me SPELLBOUND ran from September, 1991 to March, 1992. It ran in 19 papers, some of the major titles being the Dallas Times Herald, The Deseret News, The Oregonian, The San Francisco Examiner, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and, oddly, it appeared in both the the Syracuse Herald and the Syracuse Post-Standard.--Cole Johnson.
Thanks Cole, and thanks also to br'er Mark! Barling had some good high-paying papers there, unfortunately not nearly enough of them!

The Syracuse papers would split the monday to saturday strips and the sunday one.
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