Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Obscurity of the Day: Mr. Stub

Here's the other temporary Sunday strip I mentioned in yesterday's post. Mr. Stub, aka Stub, aka Stubbs, ran April 20 - June 8 1913 in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. The cartoonist is Caine, who occasionally went by the nickname "Empty" Caine (M.T. Caine perhaps?). His cartoons were a constant feature of the Pioneer Press in the teens. I've never found his full name.


It was Matthew T. Caine, according to the advertisement here:
Info from: Popular Mechanics (February 1913), p. 16, advertisement for Cartoons magazine, viewed online:, 09/17/2010
Thanks Sara! There was a bonus, too -- they gave "French" of the Chicago Record-Herald a full name, George W. French. Hmmm, George W. Seems familiar somehow.

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