Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Obscurity of the Day: New Jersey Patriots

Here's a rare batch of strips by Fred Fredericks, well-known artist on Mandrake the Magician. Depending on who you believe, New Jersey Patriots (aka New Jersey's Patriots) ran in 1959 only, 1957-59, 1956-59, 1957-60 or any other combination of late 1950s dates you care to come up with. With any luck there's some Fredericks fans out there who can give us some more authoritative information.

These samples, provided to Stripper's Guide by Cole Johnson (thanks Cole!), are all from 1959 - a miscellany of dates from May to October.

The Revolutionary war history strip was syndicated by Superior Features Syndicate, probably Fredericks' self-syndication company. This was one of several historical strips done by Fredericks before being tapped for duty on Mandrake. There was also Under The Stars and Bars and a strip that was advertised but I've not seen, The Late, Late War.


Around this time and into the sixties he also did a lot of work on Dell's Twilight Zone, sometimes whole issues. Quite an impressive artist, more so than Mandrake on it's own would indicate.
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