Monday, March 03, 2008


Obscurity of the Day: The Muggles

In The Muggles Bob Casper had such a striking simple yet stylish art style it's a shame that nobody told the guy the only missing ingredient was a good gag writer. Three of the four gags above were old when they were carved in the vomitorium walls of Rome, and I had to dig through a couple month's worth to pick these as the best of the bunch. Every dog has his day, though, and the last strip is pretty good, but then I'm a sucker for self-referential gags. Too bad the paper from which these were clipped ran The Muggles on a classified page -- the dog was actually looking down on Apartments To Let.

The Muggles was syndicated by General Features from February 2 1959 to January 28 1961.

The only other credit I can find for Bob Casper is in the late 90s with one of those crummy internet-based syndicates that specialize in 'syndicating' amateur work to a non-existent client base. What a shame. Anyone know what Casper was up to in all those intervening years?


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