Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Obscurity of the Day: And Then He Changed His Mind

Here's a short-lived panel cartoon that was syndicated by the Ledger Syndicate. I once assumed that signature, "Done by Dunn", was indicating the work of Bob Dunn, but I was set straight by a family member that anything from that era signed in this manner is by actually the work of Charles J. Dunn.

Charles was apparently a mischievous fellow, because his other favored signature was "GAR". His relatives haven't a clue why he chose that pseudonym.

And Then He Changed His Mind, an eminently forgettable effort, ran from sometime in 1921 to December 16 1922.


"GAR" was a substitue for "GOD" to be used in mixed company, or in family publications, as a componant of the oath; "By god, I swear that..." Note how often we see some stuck fellow in a hundred year old cartoon exclaim, "By Gar!". This is not to say that Mr. Dunn saw himself in such a lofty state or such, it's just that the expression was so commonplace that it had lost it's original meaning, and now was as harmless as the similar "By Gum!" It must have seemed like an irresistable Nome de PUN.
Works for me!

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