Friday, June 26, 2009


Obscurity of the Day: Just The Type

Bob Dunn, who had the uncredited job of assisting/ghosting for Jimmy Hatlo on They'll Do It Every Time, got to take credit on this very similarly themed Sunday strip called Just The Type. Never a syndication success, King Features may well have let him do the feature just to keep him happy while working on the Hatlo cash cow feature.

Just The Type ran in the New York Journal-American and darn few other papers from May 5 1946 to November 24 1963, a very respectable run. When Hatlo died in 1963, though, Dunn's workload presumably got that much heavier and Just The Type was dropped. Dunn finally got an official byline on They'll Do It Every Time starting in 1966.

Thanks to Cole Johnson for the lovely scans from syndicate proofs.


Was he prescient (looking ahead to bold '80s New Wave), or what?
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