Friday, June 04, 2010


Obscurities of the Day: The Good-To-Eat Children / The Good-To-Eat Alphabet

Paul West, who we've seen before with his features Father Goose and Dr. Birch's School, did this odd pair of features in 1900 for the New York World.These are our first features by him that show off his penchant for drawing anthropomorphic inanimate objects, a motif that he used often in non-series appearances in the comics pages.

The Good-To-Eat Children came first, debuting on July 15. After a few installments he switched over  temporarily to The Good-To-Eat Alphabet for a pair of episodes on August 12 and 19, then reprised the original series title until September 2.

A bow to Cole Johnson who supplied both the samples and the correct running dates for these series.


What a peculiar title! Advocating cannibalism in the Sunday funnies!
I agree with Paul K.--it's a spooky concept when the stars of your strip are all created to be eaten.

Reminds me of the talking cow in "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" that came to your restaurant table so you could choose your cut. Or Donald and the Nephews eating roast duck for dinner.
Reminds me of Charley Tuna constantly trying to get Starkist's attention, seemingly unaware that such attention would result in his own demise.
Ivy nooot edible.
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