Thursday, August 19, 2010


Obscurity of the Day: Bibs 'n' Tucker

We've featured quite a few of these features that ran in the Sunday comics section of the New York Daily News on a space-available basis. This one, Bibs 'n' Tucker, was by Henri Arnold, the cartoonist best-known for his long-running Jumble puzzle feature.

The strip is about a toddler, Bibs, and his dog Tucker. Since the strip ran only on rare occasions the gags and characters are pretty generic, the only hook being that Bibs wears a bib that seems to have the same over-starching problem as Dilbert's tie.

I'm only aware of the strip running on a few isolated occasions. It began sometime in 1955 and the last installment seems to have run on August 18 1957.

Anyone have a run of Daily News sections from the 1950s who can help out on confirming the start and end dates of these ROP features?


I have some but have never come across this strip. What with this and my interest in Bumper to Bumper, I guess researching this paper when I am in New York is at the top of my list.
The Library of Congress has an original cartoon drawing by him from 1942 in the Art Wood Collection.
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