Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Obscurity of the Day: Reddy - Also Caruso

In Reddy - Also Caruso, Gene Carr answers the age-old question "Does a bear sh---", wait, no, that's not it, it's "what would a kid do if he had a trained bear at his disposal?" The answer, not surprisingly, is that he'd cause some serious mayhem. Since the answer to the question was so simple, Carr felt no need to beat a dead horse; Reddy - Also Caruso ran less than three months in the New York World, from January 13 to March 3 1907.

Thanks to Cole Johnson for the scans!


I have just come across a huge collection of "make your own book" inserts in the Chicago Tribune Newspapers printed by Spadea Synd in the 1960s and bought them all. The paper's objective was to have kids cut the books and assemble them from the newspapers. I must have at least 50 titles or more all cut from the paper all of which are original stories with original comic book like illustrations. Some of the titles include "The Bugs Picnic', "Fearless Freddie Coon", "The Cats of St. Ives", "The Hat That Grew","Hard-A-Lee","The Mysterious Ouphe","Myron the Mousenik","The Knotty Elephant",Horsey Gorsey and the Frog","Round Robin Riddle Reader", and this is about 1/10th of all I have. All of them have great original comic illustrations of characters I have never come across some by the author and some done by a different individual. I would like to know how rare they are and what they may be worth. The newsprint, as you might imagine, is a little brown but otherwise they are in excellent condition. The colors are vibrant and all of the styles are different...very cool! I can be reached at I welcome any input.
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