Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Obscurity of the Day: Animalgrams

Last week Alex Jay posted a bio of George Hopf which cited his return to newspaper comics in the 1930s with a feature called Animalgrams. I had never seen this feature, and added a comment that I could not vouch for its existence. So naturally a bunch of good folks had to point out how woefully underinformed I am.

Properly chastened, here's a few samples of Animalgrams submitted by Alex Jay. These appeared in a New York Herald-Tribune-distributed Sunday magazine section titled This Week. The magazine was copyrighted to a United Newspaper Magazine Corporation, presumably a company associated with the  Herald-Tribune. It's a good thing these panels are bylined, because Hopf's signature on these could easily be mistaken for that of Syd Hoff.

Alex Jay says that Animalgrams ran in This Week (as seen in the Cleveland Plain Dealer) from January 31 1937 to June 12 1938, the longest run found to this point.

Thanks to all who wrote in with information about the run of this little oddball item!


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