Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Obscurity of the Day: Fun Fare

We've discussed before how the New York Daily News had a penchant for running filler strips in their Sunday comics sections. Nailing down all the information about them is one of those seemingly simple research jobs, except that very, very few libraries have a decent run of the Daily News on microfilm. In fact as far as I'm aware, the New York Public Library may be the only one.

Luckily the Sunday News comic sections have survived in great numbers, since the paper was widely circulated, and bit by bit we fill in the blanks on these filler strips.Today and tomorrow it is our pal Jay Meader, longtime writer of Annie, the last readable adventure strip imho, who fills us in on fill-ins.

Today we have Fun Fare by someone signing themselves Jam. The rather basic cartooning looks a bit like the work of Ed Reed, but I'm sure that's not him -- he was gainfully employed elsewhere. So who is Jam? Ideas anyone?

Jay has found Fun Fare running on at least eight dates during a span from March to August 1955. Anyone have any examples from outside that range?

Thanks to Jay Maeder for the scans and the info!


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