Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Creig Flessel, Undercover

This Week In Astrology, an NEA-distributed horoscope feature by Carl Payne Tobey that debuted in 1969 and ended around 1977, doesn't qualify for listing in American Newspaper Comics. In its early days the graphics were large if not central to the purpose of the feature, but the text slowly but surely chipped away until the cartoons weren't much more than incidental.

Although not strictly within the purview of Stripper's Guide, I have always been impressed by the graphics from the early years of the feature. Unfortunately I had no idea who the cartoonist was (he signed himself "Valentine") until someone finally told me it was Creig Flessel working under a pseudonym. Well, I guess that explains it! Surprising how much effort Flessel put into these despite the lack of credit. So here's a nice dose of very obscure Flessel artwork -- enjoy!


At least it's not the only NEA strip that someone have undercovered for them. Ken Bald did "Dark Shadows" under the name of Ken Bruce!!!
That would be "Creig Valentine Flessel" working under a pen name.
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