Tuesday, September 09, 2014


Magazine Cover Comics: Barbara's Bad Man

Hearst's International Feature Service offered up Barbara's Bad Man, which ran from November 23 1930 to February 22 1931 on newspaper Sunday magazine covers. Between the glorious art of John Held, Jr. and the finely spun verses of Berton Braley, it was one of the more entertaining magazine cover series, in my opinion. Of course the storyline was the typical goofy love story, but so well done that you can forgive the creaky, but seemingly required, magazine cover series plot.



I was wondering if you know of any adventure strips that may be public domain?
Many, if not all, years of Hairbreadth Harry (1906-40), the first adventure strip are PD.
The three syndicates that handled it, Philadelphia Press, McClure, and the Ledger Syndicate are all long gone, and the trade mark (which was given to me) expired years ago.
Okay, Mark, you can't just mention that the trademark for Hairbreadth Harry was given to you, and not give with the story behind that statement. 'Fess up or I'll tell Disney you once thought about reprinting a Mickey Mouse daily without permission.

Wouldn't many of the old strips be PD now? Like Smokey Stover or Happy Hooligan? Have you ever looked into this?
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