Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Obscurity of the Day Revisited: Polly, The Cap'n's Parrot

We covered the obscure Philadelphia North American strip Polly The Cap'n's Parrot way back in 2006, when I was a mere 40-something lad and the Earth was still cooling. Awhile after that, my favorite know-it-all, Cole Johnson, pointed out to me that the art on this feature is rather obvious by Ed Payne (he of Billy the Boy Artist fame). As soon as he said that, I could see that he must be right -- those sure are Ed Payne faces alright. So here we are again, forced to read another installment of this awful strip so I can tell you that the signatory on this feature, George F. Payne, is in reality a moonlighting Ed Payne.

... Or is it?  Could Cole be wrong? Stay tuned to this channel, folks. Next Alex Jay will weigh in with circumstantial evidence about this Payne-ful case that would make Perry Mason ask for a mistrial!


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