Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Obscurity of the Day: Oh, Winnie!

Oh, Winnie! is a very early magazine cover comic strip that was distributed under Hearst's American-Journal-Examiner copyright. The verses were by Carolyn Wells, and the art was by noted illustrator Penrhyn Stanlaws.

The dates reported to me by Dave Strickler, who indexed this title in the New York American, are September 27 1908 to March 28 1909. The weird thing is that if you look for this strip in other papers, you can find this particular installment of November 28 1908 in several papers, but not one single other date of the series. Perhaps Hearst sent this installment out as a freebie to encourage sales of the whole series?

Thanks to Cole Johnson for the scan.


Hello Allan-
This series did occur in at least one other paper in the Hearst chain, in the Chicago Sunday Examiner. It was not a magazine cover subject, it was used as the back cover to the editorial section, which at that time had color front and back covers.
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