Monday, September 25, 2017


Magazine Cover Comics: Dolly's Dates

Frank Godwin produced many covers for the Philadelphia Public Ledger's syndicated Sunday magazine section, but only produced a single continuing series for them in all that time. It seems that the Ledger Syndicate was not too interested in following the lead of the Hearst magazine covers of the day, which often featured months-long series.

Dolly's Dates doesn't really have a continuing story; it's basically just a weekly rundown of the different types of men dated by a sweet young bachelorette. The last installment does have her finding her dream date, but we don't even find out what 'type' he is; according to the caption, "whether he's a ribbon clerk or a realtor, it makes no difference to Dolly; she knows not, neither does she care." Oh well then.

For those of us who are deeply enamored of Godwin's luscious pen work, Dolly's Dates is a bit of a disappointment. On his Ledger magazine cover illustrations Godwin smartly let the color do some of the heavy lifting, and therefore the lovely cross-hatching and noodling we Godwin-philes love so is toned down considerably.

Dolly's Dates ran as the cover feature of the Public Ledger magazine section from February 20 to March 27 1927.


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