Monday, December 03, 2018


Obscurity of the Day: The Jobs of J. Jasper Jinks Jr.

William F. Marriner settled down at the McClure syndicate about 1905 and produced most of his work there until his death in 1914. Although the majority of his time was spent producing Sambo and his Funny Noises, he threw in an extra series now and then.

This one is The Jobs of J. Jasper Jinks Jr., starring the typical Marriner waif who in this series is desperately looking for a job and failing miserably. As is generally true of Marriner's work, the funny drawing and the terrific playful writing make each strip a real treat to be savored. No wonder so many other cartoonists tried to copy his style. This is one of the many series that Marriner didn't sign, but there's no mistaking his work even with all those imitators trying to copy him.

The Jobs of J. Jasper Jinks Jr. ran in one version of the McClure Sunday section from November 7 1909 until May 8 1910*. One installment, presumably a leftover or reprint, was used much later in a McClure section of February 28 1915**.

Thanks to Cole Johnson for the scans. 

* Source: San Francisco Chronicle
** Source: Washington Herald


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