Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Obscurity of the Day: Double Dora

Virginia Huget seemed to prefer cultivating her writing talent, but for my money she was far too good a cartoonist/illustrator to ignore that part of her repertoire. Her deco-ish angular figures are stylishly stiff in the manner of the day yet undeniably lively, and her backgrounds are modern fairy tale vistas. The perfect sort of style for the flapper era.

Now you'll have to take my word on that because this particular page isn't all that exciting, but Double Dora is a magazine cover series I only just discovered and I had only a few samples to pick from. The Hearst magazine cover series just seem to keep multiplying on me. Every time I think I must have found them all some more come out of the woodwork.

This series, featuring a movie stuntwoman, was syndicated by Hearst's King Features Syndicate division June through August 1929.

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