Thursday, August 12, 2010


Obscurity of the Day: Awful Week-Ends

Anne Harriet Sefton, nee Anne Harriet Fish, went by just "Fish" on her cartoons and illustrations. She was British and much of her work was for magazines over on that side of the pond, but her breezy clean line style was popular enough that quite a bit of her work managed to cross the Atlantic.

One of her recurrent venues was the cover of Hearst's American Weekly newspaper magazine section, for which she produced several series from 1930 to 1942. This series, Awful Week-Ends, ran from January 23 to March 13 1938. There was also a book by the same name published in 1938 -- I don't know if these covers are the same material or different, I would guess the same.

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These are amazing!
Great to find your entry on Fish ! I did a search for her 5 or so years ago and there was almost nothing about her anywhere online.
I have her 'Awful Week-Ends-and Guests' book, and as you suggest, it's straight reprints of the artwork (but in black and white thus losing the vibrancy of the colours).
Really enjoy what you are doing here - keep up the good work !
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