Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Magazine Cover Comics: The Adventures of Prudence Prim

Perhaps one of the least affected of Nell Brinkley's magazine cover series, which tended toward a tone verging on high opera, is The Adventures of Prudence Prim. Accompanied by the delightful but slight versification of Carolyn Wells, Brinkley does what she does best, without the high drama trappings and pared down to the essentials --- pretty girls, lovingly drawn.

The Adventures of Prudence Prim ran on the covers of Hearst's American Weekly Sunday magazine sections from October 18 1925 to February 21 1926.

I did not break my mouse hand trying to restore this sample, as you can see all the Brinkley covers you'd could want, all lovingly and beautifully restored, in "The Brinkley Girls" by Trina Robbins. I urge you to pick up a copy.

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I have 9 of these + a "The Fortunes of Flossie + an Ethel Hays of "Love's Labor Lost" from July 14, 1929. Are these worth anything?
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