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The Hearst Sunday Newspaper Magazine Cover Indexes Part 6: The Cover Series of Longer Stories (thru 1929)

Our next series of magazine covers is indexed starting in July 1926, premiering with the very long Gloria - The American Girl series by Penrhyn Stanlaws.

While no subsequent cover series would rival Gloria in length, my search for an identity of this syndicate offering leads me to call it the 'long stories' series. The syndicate was originally King Features Syndicate, but changed to International Feature Service in early 1929 for some reason. This change happened in the middle of a story, so I don't think there's any chance that I somehow conflated two separate series.

If you look back at part 5 of this index series, you'll think that today's series is merely a continuation of  the so-called 'romantic cover series', since the dates mesh perfectly. However, I do have samples in my collection of Gloria - The American Girl running earlier than this (back to 1925), so I think I have just not been successful in tracking this series back to its true origin. I have found the early Gloria series running in the San Francisco Call, which is not, as far as I know, available online yet.

One addditonal note; if my inventory doesn't lie, there seems to have been an earlier series of Nell Brinkley's Pretty Polly - I show one from January 1927 somewhere in my collection. Or I mistyped?
We'll cover this series through the end of 1929 today, and pick up the balance of the series tomorrow. I tracked this series through the end of today's post in the Minneapolis Tribune.

7/25/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
8/1/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
8/8/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
8/15/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
8/22/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
8/29/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
9/5/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
9/12/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
9/19/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
9/26/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
10/3/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
10/10/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
10/17/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
10/24/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
10/31/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
11/7/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
11/14/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
11/21/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
11/28/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
12/5/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
12/12/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
12/19/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
12/26/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
1/2/27Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
1/9/27Her Love LettersAlexander Popini
1/16/27Her Love LettersAlexander Popini
1/23/27Babs In SocietyVirginia Huget
1/30/27Babs In SocietyVirginia Huget
2/6/27Babs In SocietyVirginia Huget
2/13/27Babs In SocietyVirginia Huget
2/20/27Peggy's ProgressJohn Held Jr.
2/27/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget (note artist change)
3/6/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
3/13/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
3/20/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
3/27/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
4/3/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
4/10/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
4/17/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
4/24/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
5/1/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
5/8/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
5/15/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
5/22/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
5/29/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
6/5/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
6/12/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
6/19/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
6/26/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
7/3/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
7/10/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
7/17/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
7/24/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
7/31/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
8/7/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
8/14/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
8/21/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
8/28/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
9/4/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
9/11/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
9/18/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
9/25/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
10/2/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
10/9/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
10/16/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
10/23/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
10/30/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
11/6/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
11/13/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
11/20/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
11/27/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
12/4/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
12/11/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
12/18/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
12/25/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
1/1/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
1/8/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
1/15/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
1/22/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
1/29/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
2/5/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
2/12/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
2/19/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
2/26/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
3/4/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
3/11/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
3/18/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
3/25/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
4/1/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
4/8/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
4/15/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
4/22/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
4/29/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
5/6/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
5/13/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
5/20/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
5/27/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
6/3/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
6/10/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
6/17/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
6/24/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
7/1/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
7/8/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
7/15/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
7/22/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
7/29/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
8/5/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
8/12/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
8/19/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
8/26/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
9/2/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
9/9/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
9/16/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
9/23/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
9/30/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
10/7/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
10/14/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
10/21/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
10/28/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
11/4/28Petting PattyJefferson Machamer
11/11/28Petting PattyJefferson Machamer
11/18/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
11/25/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
12/2/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
12/9/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
12/16/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
12/23/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
12/30/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
1/6/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
1/13/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
1/20/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
1/27/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
2/3/29 Pretty Polly Nell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
2/10/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
2/17/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells (switch to International Features Service)
2/24/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
3/3/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
3/10/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
3/17/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
3/24/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
3/31/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
4/7/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
4/14/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
4/21/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
4/28/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
5/5/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
5/12/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
5/19/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
5/26/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
6/2/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
6/9/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
6/16/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
6/23/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
6/30/29Rosalie Goes RuralJohn Held Jr.
7/7/29Rosalie Goes RuralJohn Held Jr.
7/14/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
7/21/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
7/28/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
8/4/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
8/11/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
8/18/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
8/25/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
9/1/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
9/8/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
9/15/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
9/22/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
9/29/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
10/6/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
10/13/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
10/20/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
10/27/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
11/3/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
11/10/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
11/17/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
11/24/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
12/1/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
12/8/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
12/15/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
12/22/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
12/29/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson


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