Monday, September 02, 2019


Obscurity of the Day: The Goodie Goodie Sisters

Been a long time since we had a visit from good old Eddie Eksergian, so let's take a look at his series The Goodie Goodie Sisters. This one ran in the St. Louis Star (and a few client papers, believe it or not) from July 6 to September 21 1902. For Eddie this was pretty tame stuff, a relatively normal (for the funnies page) pair of sisters who get their jollies from torturing a poor benighted kid named Willie.

Eks let loose a little more in his secondary strips on these pages, one of which offers us the cowboy version of ping-pong, and another about robots who get programmed with the wrong keys*. That's more like it, Eddie, we knew you hadn't sold out.

Thanks to Cole Johnson for the scans.

* By the way, although the fellow in this strip is named M'Nutt, he seems to NOT be the same character as McNutt, who got his own series a few months later.


One of the refreshing parts about examining popular culture of the 1890's-1900s was that they have no polite rules or conventions to follow, and scenes in comics or movies can just as easily show bad deeds go unpunished, malicious characters win, or victims go unvindicated, as not.
Truly, an unsung genius was Eddie Eksergian. There should have been a collection of his work made years ago, it's still fascinating all these years later.
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