Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Magazine Cover Comics: Social Snapshots

My attempts at restoration are only good enough to give you the barest suggestion of how attractive these C.D. Mitchell American Weekly covers are. They are examples from a series titled Social Snapshots, and Mitchell really hit the ball out of the park with these. Perhaps the artist was so thrilled to have a larger audience for a change -- the full line of Hearst-owned papers as versus the small client list of his Ledger Syndicate feature Follies of the Passing Show -- that he really wanted to wow 'em.

Social Snapshots started sometime on or before November 25 1923, and lasted until January 1924 (my last sample on hand is January 13). If anyone knows of an online newspaper archive that includes a long run of the American Weekly Sunday magazines, I'd appreciate you letting me know about it. I've been trying to put together a definitive list of American Weekly cover features for the past few years, and I've still got many, many holes in my index.

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have a look at this website if you have not already visited there.
Unfortunately, the images are too small for me to reliably determine the dates of the issues shown. But yes, that's a neat site!

Thanks, Allan
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