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Magazine Cover Comics: Social Advice from Aunty Climax

We can't get enough of Fish's American Weekly covers around here at the Stripper's Guide blog, so enjoy a sample from another of her series, titled Social Advice from Aunty Climax. This one is a satirical take-off on newspaper advice columns, a genre that Fish would poke fun at in several of her series.

This series has the distinction of being her very first offering from the newspaper magazine, as far as I can determine. It began on February 26 1928, and ran in groups of 2-3 in a run, punctuated with other cover subjects by other creators, and ended on July 1 1928.

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You have the correct debut date, It's given the "No. 1" designation in an ad for the American Weekly in the upcoming issue of the Syracuse Sunday American in the 25 February 1928 issue of the Syracuse Journal.
Hello Allan,

I found a comic strip that was not listed in your book.

It is "Horace and Buggy" by Don Edwing and Paul Coker Jr., syndicated by McNaught Syndicate.

From browsing Newspaper Archive, I found that it ran in the following papers between February and June 1971: Snyder Daily News, Scottsdale Progress and the Kannapolis Daily Independent.

I was able to get an example from the latter, dated April 11th, 1971 (but with comics from the previous day):

Ben Ferron

Hi Ben --
Thanks for finding Horace and Buggy, which has been resisting my efforts to locate it for many moons! Unfortunately none of those papers you mentioned is on, where I do my research. Would there be any possibility that you could get me start and end dates based on your bonanza of papers that ran it?

Thanks, Allan Holtz
Hi Allan...

Sorry for not giving you start and end dates, but if I remember correctly, the earliest start date I could find was February 8, 1971 and the most recent end date is June 11, 1971 (a Friday, so obviously not the exact end date)

In any case, I can provide you with the comics pages for both dates on a later date, if that is OK with you.

Ben Ferron
Thanks Ben, I'll just go with the tentative Feb-Jun range on the SG listing if you don't think any of these papers had a definitive run. Best, Allan
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