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Herriman Saturday

November 5 1909 -- Another Baron Mooch strip that was omitted from Blackbeard's book. This one  has Herriman stealing a gag from Winsor McCay's Dream of the Rarebit Fiend. The gag swipe is unfortunate (and a rarity for Herriman), but even so not all is bad. To atone for his sin Herriman offers us a lovely graphical flourish, framing the entire strip as a word and art balloon for the sleeping Baron.


Which Blackbeard book are you referring to?
I think the book referenced is from the Hyperion Press series in 1977. Blackbeard was very shoddy historian, and the Hyperions were typically full of errors, including the self evident claim that they were all "The complete" first year, or classic year or even entire run of whatever title was being reprinted.
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Friday, January 18, 2019


Wish You Were Here, from Walter Wellman

Here's a later Walter Wellman card, I'm guessing it probably dates to the 1930s, heyday of the heavy linen look. This risque card was published by the Asheville Post Card Co. of North Carolina, and this card was coded C229.


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Thursday, January 17, 2019


The Hearst Sunday Newspaper Magazine Cover Indexes Part 8: The Cover Series of Shorter Stories

Well, hey, if we have a series of longer stories, that must mean we have a series of shorter ones, right? So this is that. I supposed you could also call it the Virginia Huget series, since her lovely art graced it consistently until September 1929.

I am able to track this series back to October 1927, which means it just possibly might dovetail with a missing section of that Dan Smith series (part 1 of this index). It doesn't rejoin that series in September 1928, though, so maybe not. There just aren't enough online newspapers to track this stuff with any real assurance. I seem to be joining Adventurous Anne in mid-story, so this series does go back at least a little farther.

I tracked this series in the Philadelphia Inquirer after wasting a lot of time indexing another paper that turned out to be running it really late and sometimes out of order. At the end of 1929, when this index ends, the material seems to dovetail with what I indexed in part 2 of this index. However, in the Inquirer at least, this material was copyrighted by King Features Syndicate throughout, whereas that one starts off credited to Newspaper Feature Service. Ah, what a tangled web we weave ....

10/23/27Adventurous AnneVirginia Huget
10/30/27Adventurous AnneVirginia Huget
11/6/27Adventurous AnneVirginia Huget
11/13/37Adventurous AnneVirginia Huget
11/20/27Adventurous AnneVirginia Huget
11/27/27Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
12/4/27Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
12/11/27Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
12/18/27Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
12/25/27Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
1/1/28Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
1/8/28Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
1/15/28Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
1/22/28Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
1/29/28Merry MaryVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
2/5/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
2/12/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
2/19/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
2/26/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
3/4/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
3/11/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
3/18/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
3/25/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
4/1/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
4/8/28Doings of DaphneVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
4/15/28Flora's FlingVirginia Huget
4/22/28Flora's FlingVirginia Huget
4/29/28Flora's FlingVirginia Huget
5/6/28Flora's FlingVirginia Huget
5/13/28Flora's FlingVirginia Huget
5/20/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
5/27/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
6/3/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
6/10/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
6/17/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
6/24/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
7/1/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
7/8/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
7/15/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
7/22/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
7/29/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
8/5/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
8/12/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
8/19/28Episodes of ElsieVirginia Huget w:Berton Braley
8/26/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
9/2/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
9/9/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
9/16/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
9/23/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
9/30/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
10/7/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
10/14/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
10/21/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
10/28/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w/J. Kenneth Jonez
11/4/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
11/11/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
11/18/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
11/25/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
12/2/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
12/9/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
12/16/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
12/23/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
12/30/28Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
1/6/29Sue Sees AmericaVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
1/13/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
1/20/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
1/27/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
2/3/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
2/10/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
2/17/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
2/24/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
3/3/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
3/10/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
3/17/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
3/24/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
3/31/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
4/7/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:J. Kenneth Jonez
4/14/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:Arthur Wynne
4/21/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w: Arthur Wynne
4/28/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w: Arthur Wynne
5/5/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w: Arthur Wynne
5/12/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w: Arthur Wynne
5/19/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w:Arthur Wynne
5/26/29Miss AladdinVirginia Huget w: Arthur Wynne
6/2/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
6/9/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
6/16/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
6/23/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
6/30/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
7/7/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
7/14/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
7/21/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
7/28/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
8/4/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
8/11/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
8/18/29Double DoraVirginia Huget
8/25/29Francine The FreshieVirginia Huget
9/1/29Francine The FreshieVirginia Huget
9/8/29Francine The FreshieVirginia Huget
9/15/29Francine The FreshieVirginia Huget
9/22/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
9/29/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
10/6/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
10/13/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
10/20/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
10/27/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
11/3/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
11/10/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
11/17/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
11/24/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
12/1/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
12/8/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
12/15/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
12/22/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton
12/29/29High-Hat HattieL.T. Holton


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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


The Hearst Sunday Newspaper Magazine Cover Indexes Part 7: The Cover Series of Longer Stories (1930-33)

This is the second part of the index for the 'longer stories' series, this one covering 1930 to the apparent end of it in 1933.

This index was compiled based on the Cincinnati Enquirer starting in 1930, then in January 1931 I had to switch to the Miami News when the microfilmer of the Enquirer decided that Sunday magazines weren't worth the time to photograph. The Miami News dropped the cover in July of that year, so then I switched to the Minneapolis Tribune. The Tribune got me to the apparent end of the series, which I was able to confirm in a second paper.

The syndicate, which had been International Feature Service, changed to King Features Syndicate in January 1932. I believe this is when IFS was phased out as a separate syndication company for Hearst.

1/5/30Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
1/12/30Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
1/19/30Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
1/26/30Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
2/2/30Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
2/9/30Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
2/16/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
2/23/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
3/2/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
3/9/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
3/16/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
3/23/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
3/30/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
4/6/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
4/13/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
4/20/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
4/27/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
5/4/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
5/11/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
5/18/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
5/25/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
6/1/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
6/8/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
6/15/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
6/22/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
6/29/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
7/6/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
7/13/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
7/20/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
7/27/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
8/3/30The Love BoatRussell Patterson
8/10/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
8/17/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
8/24/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
8/31/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
9/7/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
9/14/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
9/21/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
9/28/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
10/5/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
10/12/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
10/19/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
10/26/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
11/2/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
11/9/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
11/16/30Romances of Gloriette (verses by Berton Braley)Nell Brinkley
11/23/30Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
11/30/30Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
12/7/30Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
12/14/30Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
12/21/30Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
12/28/30Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
1/4/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
1/11/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
1/18/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
1/25/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
2/1/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
2/8/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
2/15/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
2/22/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
3/1/31Barbara's Bad Man (verses by Berton Braley)John Held Jr.
3/8/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
3/15/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
3/22/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
3/29/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
4/5/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
4/12/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
4/19/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
4/26/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
5/3/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
5/10/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
5/17/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
5/24/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
5/31/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
6/7/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
6/14/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
6/21/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
6/28/31The Spirit of '31George Kerr
7/5/31Betty's Boy FriendRussell Patterson
7/12/31Betty's Boy FriendRussell Patterson
7/19/31Betty's Boy FriendRussell Patterson
7/26/31Betty's Boy FriendRussell Patterson
8/2/31Betty's Boy FriendRussell Patterson
8/9/31Betty's Boy FriendRussell Patterson
8/16/31Betty's Boy FriendRussell Patterson
8/23/31Betty's Boy FriendRussell Patterson
8/30/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
9/6/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
9/13/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
9/20/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
9/27/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
10/4/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
10/11/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
10/18/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
10/25/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
11/1/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
11/8/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
11/15/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
11/22/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
11/29/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
12/6/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
12/13/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
12/20/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
12/27/31MargyJohn Held Jr.
1/4/32MargyJohn Held Jr.
1/11/32MargyJohn Held Jr.
1/17/32MargyJohn Held Jr.
1/24/32MargyJohn Held Jr.
1/31/32MargyJohn Held Jr.
2/7/32Almost a BrideRussell Patterson
2/14/32Behold! Emulate! The Father of Our CountryAlbert T. Reid
2/21/32Almost a BrideRussell Patterson
2/28/32Almost a BrideRussell Patterson
3/6/32Almost a BrideRussell Patterson
3/13/32Almost a BrideRussell Patterson
3/20/32Almost a BrideRussell Patterson
3/27/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
4/3/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
4/10/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
4/17/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
4/24/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
5/1/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
5/8/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
5/15/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
5/22/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
5/29/32Get-Your-Man GloriaRussell Patterson
6/5/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
6/12/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
6/19/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
6/26/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
7/3/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
7/10/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
7/17/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
7/24/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
7/31/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
8/7/32Runaway Red-HeadJohn Held Jr.
8/14/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
8/21/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
8/28/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
9/4/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
9/11/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
9/18/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
9/25/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
10/2/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
10/9/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
10/16/32The Countess and the CowboyRussell Patterson
10/23/32Margy of the MoviesJohn Held Jr.
10/30/32Margy of the MoviesJohn Held Jr.
11/6/32Margy of the MoviesJohn Held Jr.
11/13/32Margy of the MoviesJohn Held Jr.
11/20/32Margy of the MoviesJohn Held Jr.
11/27/32Margy of the MoviesJohn Held Jr.
12/4/32Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
12/11/32Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
12/18/32Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
12/25/32Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
1/1/33Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
1/8/33Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
1/15/33Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
1/22/33Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
1/29/33Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
2/5/33Carolyn's CadetRussell Patterson
2/12/33Let's All ElopeRaeburn Van Beuren
2/19/33Let's All ElopeRaeburn Van Beuren
2/26/33Let's All ElopeRaeburn Van Beuren
3/5/33Love Through the AgesDan Smith
3/12/33Love Through the AgesDan Smith
3/19/33Love Through the AgesDan Smith
3/26/33Love Through the AgesDan Smith
4/2/33Love Through the AgesDan Smith
4/9/33Love Through the AgesDan Smith
4/16/33Love Through the AgesDan Smith
4/23/33April's LadyDan Smith
4/30/33Rosalie ReducesR.F. James
5/7/33Rosalie ReducesR.F. James
5/14/33Rosalie ReducesR.F. James
5/21/33Rosalie ReducesR.F. James
5/28/33Rosalie ReducesR.F. James
6/4/33Summer SweetheartsRaeburn Van Beuren
6/11/33Summer SweetheartsRaeburn Van Beuren
6/18/33Summer SweetheartsRaeburn Van Beuren
6/25/33Summer SweetheartsRaeburn Van Beuren
7/2/33Girls Who Make Me HomesickAlberto Vargas
7/9/33Girls Who Make Me HomesickAlberto Vargas
7/16/33Girls Who Make Me HomesickAlberto Vargas
7/23/33Girls Who Make Me HomesickAlberto Vargas


Amazing. How can i get a copy of BARBARA'S BAD MAN to make a musical out of it? Been serching for yers.
Lanny Meyers

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019


The Hearst Sunday Newspaper Magazine Cover Indexes Part 6: The Cover Series of Longer Stories (thru 1929)

Our next series of magazine covers is indexed starting in July 1926, premiering with the very long Gloria - The American Girl series by Penrhyn Stanlaws.

While no subsequent cover series would rival Gloria in length, my search for an identity of this syndicate offering leads me to call it the 'long stories' series. The syndicate was originally King Features Syndicate, but changed to International Feature Service in early 1929 for some reason. This change happened in the middle of a story, so I don't think there's any chance that I somehow conflated two separate series.

If you look back at part 5 of this index series, you'll think that today's series is merely a continuation of  the so-called 'romantic cover series', since the dates mesh perfectly. However, I do have samples in my collection of Gloria - The American Girl running earlier than this (back to 1925), so I think I have just not been successful in tracking this series back to its true origin. I have found the early Gloria series running in the San Francisco Call, which is not, as far as I know, available online yet.

One addditonal note; if my inventory doesn't lie, there seems to have been an earlier series of Nell Brinkley's Pretty Polly - I show one from January 1927 somewhere in my collection. Or I mistyped?
We'll cover this series through the end of 1929 today, and pick up the balance of the series tomorrow. I tracked this series through the end of today's post in the Minneapolis Tribune.

7/25/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
8/1/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
8/8/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
8/15/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
8/22/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
8/29/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
9/5/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
9/12/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
9/19/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
9/26/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
10/3/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
10/10/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
10/17/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
10/24/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
10/31/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
11/7/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
11/14/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
11/21/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
11/28/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
12/5/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
12/12/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
12/19/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
12/26/26Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
1/2/27Gloria - The American GirlPenrhyn Stanlaws
1/9/27Her Love LettersAlexander Popini
1/16/27Her Love LettersAlexander Popini
1/23/27Babs In SocietyVirginia Huget
1/30/27Babs In SocietyVirginia Huget
2/6/27Babs In SocietyVirginia Huget
2/13/27Babs In SocietyVirginia Huget
2/20/27Peggy's ProgressJohn Held Jr.
2/27/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget (note artist change)
3/6/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
3/13/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
3/20/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
3/27/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
4/3/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
4/10/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
4/17/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
4/24/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
5/1/27Peggy's ProgressVirginia Huget
5/8/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
5/15/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
5/22/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
5/29/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
6/5/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
6/12/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
6/19/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
6/26/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
7/3/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
7/10/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
7/17/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
7/24/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
7/31/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
8/7/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
8/14/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
8/21/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
8/28/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
9/4/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
9/11/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
9/18/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
9/25/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
10/2/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
10/9/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
10/16/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
10/23/27Sentimental SallyJohn Held Jr.
10/30/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
11/6/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
11/13/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
11/20/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
11/27/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
12/4/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
12/11/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
12/18/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
12/25/27Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
1/1/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
1/8/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
1/15/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
1/22/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
1/29/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
2/5/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
2/12/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
2/19/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
2/26/28Rah-Rah RosalieJohn Held Jr.
3/4/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
3/11/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
3/18/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
3/25/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
4/1/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
4/8/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
4/15/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
4/22/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
4/29/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
5/6/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
5/13/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
5/20/28Dimples' Day DreamsNell Brinkley
5/27/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
6/3/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
6/10/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
6/17/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
6/24/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
7/1/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
7/8/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
7/15/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
7/22/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
7/29/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
8/5/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
8/12/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
8/19/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
8/26/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
9/2/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
9/9/28Frivolous FlossiePenrhyn Stanlaws
9/16/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
9/23/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
9/30/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
10/7/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
10/14/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
10/21/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
10/28/28Adventures of PattyJefferson Machamer
11/4/28Petting PattyJefferson Machamer
11/11/28Petting PattyJefferson Machamer
11/18/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
11/25/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
12/2/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
12/9/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
12/16/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
12/23/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
12/30/28Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
1/6/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
1/13/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
1/20/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
1/27/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
2/3/29 Pretty Polly Nell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
2/10/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
2/17/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells (switch to International Features Service)
2/24/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
3/3/29Pretty PollyNell Brinkley w:Carolyn Wells
3/10/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
3/17/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
3/24/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
3/31/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
4/7/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
4/14/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
4/21/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
4/28/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
5/5/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
5/12/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
5/19/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
5/26/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
6/2/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
6/9/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
6/16/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
6/23/29Runaway RuthRussell Patterson
6/30/29Rosalie Goes RuralJohn Held Jr.
7/7/29Rosalie Goes RuralJohn Held Jr.
7/14/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
7/21/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
7/28/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
8/4/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
8/11/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
8/18/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
8/25/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
9/1/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
9/8/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
9/15/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
9/22/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
9/29/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
10/6/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
10/13/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
10/20/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
10/27/29Sunny SueNell Brinkley
11/3/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
11/10/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
11/17/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
11/24/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
12/1/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
12/8/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
12/15/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
12/22/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson
12/29/29Wings of LoveRussell Patterson


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Monday, January 14, 2019


The Hearst Sunday Newspaper Magazine Cover Indexes Part 5: The American Weekly Offshoot 'Romantic' Series

It turns out in my magazine cover research that in 1921 you could get your American Weekly Hearst covers in two flavors: one with the masthead with which we're familiar, or one with no masthead at all and copyrighted by International Feature Service.

That practice seems to have halted in mid-August 1921, when the Dan Smith cover series was inaugurated and took over for the International Feature Service-branded  American Weekly.

However, it wasn't quite that simple. It seems that you could choose another new (?) series, also syndicated by IFS, that instead of Dan Smith covers offered what I call the 'romantic cover' option. This series featured lots of pretty girls as is typical of the Hearst covers, but these ones are focused on romance. In other words, looking to please the female audience more than the male.

I began tracking this series in the Butte Miner, where due to some slight crossover with the Dan Smith series at the beginning I believe that the Miner runs their covers a week later than intended. The series runs in the Miner through the end of 1923, after which I switched to the Minneapolis Tribune, filling in a long unavailable section of that from the Tampa Tribune. The Minneapolis Tribune stopped using this series in June 1926, and I can find no other paper that used it any later.

8/28/21Caprices of Cupid #1Henry Clive
9/4/21Caprices of Cupid #2Henry Clive
9/11/21Caprices of Cupid #3Henry Clive
9/18/21Caprices of Cupid #4Henry Clive
9/25/21Caprices of Cupid #5Henry Clive
10/2/21Caprices of Cupid #6Henry Clive
10/9/21Behind Their Dreamy Eyes #1Henry Hutt
10/16/21Behind Their Dreamy Eyes #2Henry Hutt
10/23/21Behind Their Dreamy Eyes #3Henry Hutt
10/30/21Behind Their Dreamy Eyes #4Henry Hutt
11/6/21Behind Their Dreamy Eyes #5Henry Hutt
11/13/21Chiffon and GoldHaskell Coffin
11/20/21The Girl Scout "Little Mother"W.T. Benda
11/27/21Mean Old Clock!Henry Clive
12/4/21PoetryHenry Clive
12/11/21AmmunitionHenry Clive
12/18/21Light and AiryHenry Clive
12/25/21Christmas MorningHenry Clive
1/1/22Scenting The RoseHenry Clive
1/8/22Beauty and NickHenry Hutt
1/15/22SnowflakesHenry Clive
1/22/22Cold And FairHaskell Coffin
1/29/22Fairy Time StoryHenry Hutt
2/5/22A Florida EnchantmentHaskell Coffin
2/12/22I WonderW.T. Benda
2/19/22Have A HeartHenry Hutt
2/26/22When Eyes MeetHenry Clive
3/5/22Over The Rio GrandeW.T. Benda
3/12/22The PenitentHenry Clive
3/19/22The EclipseHaskell Coffin
3/26/22Puppy LoveM.E. Musselman
4/2/22Coming OutHaskell Coffin
4/9/22No More Bon BonsHenry Clive
4/16/22HoneyHaskell Coffin
4/23/22Untitled portrait of womanSigned illegibly
4/30/22JackieMaud Tousey Fangel
5/7/22Yoo-HooJohn Bradshaw Crandell
5/14/22Stop! Look! Listen!Earl Christy
5/21/22He Loves Me...M.E. Musselman
5/28/22On My PaletteHenry Clive
6/4/22Bronze IdolsHenry Clive
6/11/22FlappersP.J. Monahan
6/18/22Under The Trysting TreeArchie Gunn
6/25/22Come On In!Ruth Eastman
7/2/22Hurrah For The Fourth of JulyJohn Bradshaw Crandell
7/9/22untitled lovers embracing with overflowing water bucketEdmund Frederick
7/16/22Help! Help!Edmund Frederick
7/23/22Watch Your StepEdmund Frederick
7/30/22Monday-y-y-y-!Edmund Frederick
8/6/22Eyes FrontEdmund Frederick
8/13/22Keep It DarkEdmund Frederick
8/20/22Coming EventsEdmund Frederick
8/27/22The Moths and the FlameWalter Van Arsdale
9/3/22The Last DipF. Tempest Inman
9/10/22September EveHenry Hutt
9/17/22CherriesH. Knowles Hare
9/24/22Off With The Old, On With The NewEdmund Frederick
10/1/22Youth Finds a WayEdmund Frederick
10/8/22In a FlurryEdmund Frederick
10/15/22Book LoversEdmund Frederick
10/22/22A Question of TimeEdmund Frederick
10/29/22Hello, HalloweenEdmund Frederick
11/5/22Dangerous Curves AheadEdmund Frederick
11/12/22The Modern VenusHenry Hutt
11/19/22Golden GlowEarl Christy
11/26/22You WinEdmund Frederick
12/3/22baby's Bed TimeHenry Hutt
12/10/22Will I Do?Haskell Coffin
12/17/22Snowed InEdmund Frederick
12/24/22Christmas Back HomeLouis Biedermann
12/31/22I'll Love You Year In and Year OutEdmund Frederick
1/7/23At The Costume BallWalter Van Arsdale
1/14/23When Their Ship of Giold Comes InEdmund Frederick
1/21/23LostEdmund Frederick
1/28/23Only A DreamHenry Hutt
2/4/23Even The Snowman Has a HeartEdmund Frederick
2/11/23Hearts and FlowersEdmund Frederick
2/18/23Out of the PastEdmund Frederick
2/25/23Always The Right TimeEdmund Frederick
3/4/23A Mirror RehearsalEarl Christy
3/11/23Firelight PropheciesEdmund Frederick
3/18/23Her Newest DollsWalter Van Arsdale
3/25/23TheFinishing TouchEarl Christy
4/1/23Easter LiliesHenry Hutt
4/8/23EntangledEdmund Frederick
4/15/23Lost and FoundRuth Eastman
4/22/23A Good CatchEdmund Frederick
4/29/23At The Society CircusFrank X. Leyendecker
5/6/23A Maytime FantasyWalter Van Arsdale
5/13/23A Waltz DreamEdmund Frederick
5/20/23BlossomsHester Miller
5/27/23The Story of her PearlsEdmund Frederick
6/3/23In The MoonlightHenry Clive
6/10/23The June BrideWalter Van Arsdale
6/17/23Stop, Thief!Henry Clive
6/24/23Honeymoon KitchenJ.A. May
7/1/23Hurrah For The Red, White and Blue!Edmund Frederick
7/8/23Plumes And PatchesHenry Clive
7/15/23BreakersEdmund Frederick
7/22/23Midsummer Day's DreamHenry Clive
7/29/23Idol WorshipEdmund Frederick
8/5/23Paddle Your OwnWalter Van Arsdale
8/12/23Sitting PrettyHenry Clive
8/19/23The Rain BeauEdmund Frederick
8/26/23The Peace OfferingHester Miller
9/2/23Here's Looking at YouEdmund Frederick
9/9/23Making HayEdmund Frederick
9/16/23Monday MorningEdmund Frederick
9/23/23Tom, Dick or Harry?Edmund Frederick
9/30/23ShelteredEdmund Frederick
10/7/23Back To GenoaHenry Clive
10/14/23Just TeasingHenry Clive
10/21/23Hold It!Henry Clive
10/28/23Boo!Edmund Frederick
11/4/23ReflectionsHenry Clive
11/11/23RhapsodyEdmund Frederick
11/18/23Just What The Doctor OrderedHenry Clive
11/25/23One Thanksgiving WishEdmund Frederick
12/2/23Tell Him I'm BusyHenry Clive
12/9/23Speak For It!Henry Clive
12/16/23Peek-a-BooHenry Clive
12/23/23A Christmas FancyHaskell Coffin
12/30/23The Beginning of their Greatest YearHenry Hutt
1/6/24Here I Come!Edmund Frederick
1/13/24Hoodoo!Edmund Frederick
1/20/24MateEdmund Frederick
1/27/24Beauty SpotsWalter Van Arsdale
2/3/24Book LoversEdmund Frederick
2/10/24His ValentineEdmund Frederick
2/17/24Good ScoutsEdmund Frederick
2/24/24A Tropical HoneymoonEdmund Frederick
3/2/24Counter AttractionsWalter Van Arsdale
3/9/24The Right o' WayEdmund Frederick
3/16/24Plans And DreamsEdmund Frederick
3/23/24The Flash-BackEarl Christy
3/30/24Second Day OutEdmund Frederick
4/6/24Spring SongWalter Van Arsdale
4/13/24Nesting TimeEdmund Frederick
4/20/24The Spirit of EasterEdmund Frederick
4/27/24Showers and CoolerWalter Van Arsdale
5/4/24I Wonder Who He Was?Menotti Rubino
5/11/24Brown-Eyed SusanEarl Christy
5/18/24Which One?Henry Clive
5/25/24Right Back At YouHenry Clive
6/1/24Hail June!Earl Christy
6/8/24Her Captain and his MateJ.A. May
6/15/24(untitled)Edna Crompton
6/22/24Morning GloriesHenry Clive
6/29/24Fan FareWalter Van Arsdale
7/6/24Good-By ButterflyHenry Clive
7/13/24The Feminine PlankJames H. Hammon
7/20/24Just SupposeEdmund Frederick
7/27/24Top 'o the WorldEdmund Frederick
8/3/24The StudentHenry Hutt
8/10/24Which?Edmund Frederick
8/17/24PlumageHenry Hutt
8/24/24OverflowingWalter Van Arsdale
8/31/24Heart Pledges Fro LoveAlexander Popini
9/7/24Sitting PrettyWalter Van Arsdale
9/14/24Mid-SeptemberJames H. Hammon
9/21/24Done In OilWalter Van Arsdale
9/28/24A Counter AttractionJames H. Hammon
10/5/24The WinnerAlexander Popini
10/12/24Poppy-LoveMenotti Rubino
10/19/24Fancy!Walter Van Arsdale
10/26/24In The Looking GlassJames H. Hammon
11/2/24Everybody's CandidateWalter Van Arsdale
11/9/24The EavesdropperJames H. Hammon
11/16/24Lucky Devil!James H. Hammon
11/23/24Winter DreamsWalter Van Arsdale
11/30/24Her Crowning Glory Then and NowGeorge Kerr
12/7/24The Spanish ShawlJames H. Hammon
12/14/24The Opera DebEdmund Frederick
12/21/24Christmas MonringWalter Van Arsdale
12/28/24New Year's EveAlexander Popini and Louis Biedermann
1/4/251760 versus 1925George Kerr
1/11/25B-r-r!Walter Van Arsdale
1/18/25Stepping OutJames H. Hammon
1/25/25Excuse My DustWalter Van Arsdale
2/1/25Do You Believe In Signs?James H. Hammon
2/8/25To My ValentineGeorge Kerr
2/15/25Firelight FanciesAlexander Popini
2/22/25Goodbye, Queen CarnivalGeorge Kerr
3/1/25Pretty PenitentJames H. Hammon
3/8/25The JugglerWalter Van Arsdale
3/15/25Five To Fifty Miles an HourGeorge Kerr
3/22/25Lenten RenunciationsAlexander Popini
3/29/25Sleeping BeautyEdmund Frederick
4/5/25Gone For The DayJames H. Hammon
4/12/25Easter Sunday Fifty Years From NowAlexander Popini and Louis Biedermann
4/19/25The Hide-a-WaysEdmund Frederick
4/26/25Hello, May!Walter Van Arsdale
5/3/25Peter PiperJames H. Hammon
5/10/25The Best Man At The WeddingJames Calvert Smith
5/17/25Mother's VeilEdmund Frederick
5/24/25June JazzAlexander Popini
5/31/25June GoldJames H. Hammon
6/7/25Thick and ThinWalter Van Arsdale
6/14/25Go, GoJames Calvert Smith
6/21/25The Crinoline Girl (Girls Series #1)Penrhyn Stanlaws
6/28/25Three CheersWalter Van Arsdale
7/5/25Girls #2Penrhyn Stanlaws
7/12/25Love on the AirConrado W. Massaguer
7/19/251525 (Girls Series #3)Penrhyn Stanlaws
7/26/25'Mid SummerWalter Van Arsdale
8/2/25Girls Now -- And Then (Girls Series #4)Penrhyn Stanlaws
8/9/25Taking TurnsConrado W. Massaguer
8/16/25Wish You Were Here (Girls Series #5)Penrhyn Stanlaws
8/23/25Dry FishingWalter Van Arsdale
8/30/25September Monring Glories (Girls Series #6)Penrhyn Stanlaws
9/6/25The SkipperJames Calvert Smith
9/13/25East To West and West To East (Girls Series #7)Penrhyn Stanlaws
9/20/25An Autumn FancyWalter Van Arsdale
9/27/25Girlhood (Girls Series #8)Penrhyn Stanlaws
10/4/25Autumn ColorsEdmund Frederick
10/11/25Fashions That Were (Girls Series #9)Penrhyn Stanlaws
10/18/25Ancestors -- And DescendantsC.D. Batchelor
10/25/25Witches, Past and Present (Girls Series #10)Penrhyn Stanlaws
11/1/25NovemberE. Bakos
11/8/25Four Ages (Girls Series #11)Penrhyn Stanlaws
11/15/25The End Of A Perfect FallAlexander Popini
11/22/25Beau And ArrowJames Calvert Smith
11/29/25The Love PirateRay Sherman
12/6/25Her Hair (Girls Series #12)Penrhyn Stanlaws
12/13/25ReservedMenotti Rubino
12/20/25At Earlier Christmas Times (Girls Series #13)Penrhyn Stanlaws
12/27/25F.O.B. 1926Alexander Popini
1/3/26The Impartial Mirror (Girls Series #14)Penrhyn Stanlaws
1/10/26PearlsMenotti Rubino
1/17/26In Hours of Ease (Girls Series #15)Penrhyn Stanlaws
1/24/26Yes? No?C.D. Batchelor
1/31/26Old Clothes (Girls Series #16)Penrhyn Stanlaws
2/7/26Which?Ray Sherman
2/14/26Her ValentineC.D. Batchelor
2/21/26Earlier Fashions (Girls Series #17)Penryhn Stanlaws
2/28/26The BuildersC.D. Batchelor
3/7/26Forward MarchAlexander Popini
3/14/26In The SpringRay Sherman
3/21/26Not On The ProgramC.D.Batchelor
3/28/26In Old MadridConrado Massaguer
4/4/26Easter PlumesAlexander Popini
4/11/26Please Stand ByJames Calvert Smith
4/18/26Star GazingC.D. Batchelor
4/25/26Mae FirstAlexander Popini
5/2/26Love SetConrado Massaguer
5/9/26Songs Without WordsJames Calvert Smith
5/16/26Big SisterDorothy Flack
5/23/26Stage StruckC.D. Batchelor
5/30/26Chapter XIVC.D. Batchelor
6/6/26In The RingConrado Massaguer
6/13/26Riding HabitsDorothy Flack
6/20/26Fair And CoolConrado Massaguer


Are digital copies available for
BARBARA'S BAD MAN (John Held, Jr. Berton Braley
THE LOVE BOAT (Russell Patterson)
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