Saturday, December 14, 2013


Herriman Saturday

Saturday, May 16 1908 -- The fracas at the Democrat's convention a week earlier -- the one that Herriman totally missed by scooting out a little early -- has snowballed a bit. Now there are rumors, probably started by chairman Schwamm, that Dick Warner got a knuckle sandwich at some point in the rather loud disagreement.

The fact that Herriman went five days without a cartoon in the Examiner indicates that he was probably very deep in the doghouse for missing out on the excitement at that meeting. I wouldn't be surprised if he was suspended.


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Friday, December 13, 2013


Sci-Friday starring Adam Chase

Adam Chase (c) renewed 2013 by Russ Morgan. All rights reserved.

Adam Chase strip #50, originally published May 14 1967. For background on the strip and creator, refer to this post.


First the short version -- due to circumstances beyond our control, the second year of the Adam Chase comic strips, which complete the storyline and the run of the strip, is unavailable to run on Stripper's Guide. Russ and I apologize that we are unable to bring you the conclusion of the strip. Russ will provide a synopsis of the second year's storyline at the conclusion of this series, which ends with installment #52.

And here's the long version. Before we began running Adam Chase on the Stripper's Guide blog, Russ sent me the first year's worth of strips to scan. He believed that the second year of the run was in his attic, in the form of black and white proofs. We decided to see how things went with the first year, see if people liked it, before troubling Russ with the job of playing archaeologist up in his attic. Recently Russ did go on an expedition into cobweb land to retrieve the second year. Unfortunately to his surprise and dismay he was able to find only a little more than half the proof sheets for year two, not nearly enough to keep running the series.

Russ is very unhappy that his archive turns out to be incomplete, and I'm saddened that we can't bring you the rest of the series. That is, barring the miracle that someone out there has the tearsheets and is willing to lend them to us for scanning. I considered the possibility of pulling the missing episodes from microfilm, but then I realized that since they were run in color, the quality coming from microfilm will be really awful, if even legible, so that's no solution.

I hope you will accept the apologies of Russ and I. Having gotten you interested in the story, we know this is a big disappointment. Please keep in mind that I am just as disappointed as you, and Russ even more so at the loss of his archive. I hope you'll join me in letting Russ know that we really enjoyed year one of his delightful strip, Adam Chase.Your feedback in the comments would be much appreciated.

PS -- On a side note, this leaves the Stripper's Guide flat-footed as regards the future of Sci-Friday. I had expected to have another full year of material for it, and so have not until just now bothered to think of what we might run instead of Adam Chase.

I certainly don't have a long run of any sci-fi oriented strips that come to mind, at least nothing that suits our needs here. We need a feature that is well and definitely out of copyright, or comes with permission from the copyright holder. Also, it has to be something that isn't already readily available elsewhere on the web. Anyone have any ideas, or better yet ideas that include source material I can borrow to scan?


Sorry to hear that Year Two is not available been enjoying the strip
Yes. I am sorry about the logistics. It is quite excellent!
Wouldn't muddy-colored micro downloads, (blended in with Russ' b/w proofs) be better than nuffin' at all? You would still get the whole story.
As a replacement for Adam Chase, how about Obscurity worthy early SF like Speed Spaulding, Don Dixon and the Hidden Empire or Rod Rian of the Sky Police? If none of them are worth the effort, how about one of the peculiar Bungle Family sci fi storylines?
Cole -- I don't have ready access to the Eugene Register-Guard microfilm, so it's an academic question whether it would be worthwhile.

Andy -- Those are all PERFECT ideas for continuing Sci-Friday. Unfortunately I do not have anywhere near complete runs of any of those strips to scan.

I have most, if not all, of Don Dixon; lots in color.

Garth from the UK??

There were SF storylines in Abbie and Slats, Bungle Family and Scorchy Smith.

There's short lived strips like Dash Dixon. Drift Marlo.

So many choices!!

Oh I know!! Speculation from Closer Than We Think!!!

Art Lortie
Hi Art --
I really enjoy the campy fun of Closer Than We Think. But I sold most of mine and didn't think to scan them first. How dumb is that!

As to Don Dixon, I would be VERY interested in running that if you can provide scans of a good long run. I suspect we might be able to find an occasional fill-in date if necessary. Please contact me privately if you really want to do this.

Thanks, Allan
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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Santa Claus and Company Day 2


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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Santa Claus and Company Day 1


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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


2013's Christmas Strip Starts Tomorrow

It's that time of year once again, when we take a breather from obscure comic strips and focus on ... more obscure comic strips.

Starting tomorrow we will begin a complete reprinting of the 1937 King Features Christmas strip, Santa Claus and Company. The strip was penned by Royal King Cole, who did a number of these holiday short-run strips. Cole always had a knack for bringing the surreal and bizarre to these strips, and Santa Claus and Company is certainly no slouch in the department of being kookie. I think Mr. Cole might just have been an early adopter of that stuff they just legalized in Colorado and Washington state.

I was lucky enough to score a complete run of this strip on syndicate proofs, from which these images are made. I hope you enjoy the strip!


Hey Allan-- I'm not a lawyer, but may I offer some judicious advice:
Never--ever follow a statement like...
I think Mr. Cole might just have been an early adopter of that stuff they just legalized in Colorado and Washington state.
with another statement that begins...
I was lucky enough to score a....

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Monday, December 09, 2013


Obscurity of the Day: Betty's Boy Friend

Here's another of those newspaper Sunday magazine cover series, this one going way out on a limb to be different. It's a romance, if you can believe it! I know, I know, how original. Anyway, the artwork by Russell Patterson on Betty's Boy Friend is a delight, even if you have to brush the cobwebs off the storyline.

Betty's Boy Friend was distributed by Hearst's International Feature Service imprint, and was a short-runner. It had just eight episodes, running July 5 to August 23 1931.

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Sunday, December 08, 2013


Jim Ivey's Sunday Comics


Hey Jim - I look to more of your tales of gambling. Might I also suggest you tell about the time a cigar saved you from a carjacking!

On another note, I'd like to get some of the guys along with Doralya and I down to see you for a meal at a local place. Not sure of a date but it would be sometime between Dec. 21st and the new year. Would you be up for that?
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